Tiny Hexer by Markus Stephany


  • hyperlinks in the structure viewer now work when internet explorer 7 beta 2 is installed
  • the plugin sdk for delphi has been made available again on my website
  • the “Medium Edition” has been published

Tiny Hexer is a free of charge hex editor for binary files. it allows you to edit multiple files (mdi), sectors of disks and other data media (disk editor) and modifiy virtual memory of other processes. tiny hexer is scriptable, lets you view data structures in a special browser in human readable format and has a plugin interface for third party extensions.

  • search and replace of text or hex bytes (also with wildcard byte and regular expressions)
  • file statistics and graphical data representation
  • file properties dialog (including e.g. editable file times)
  • editable file size up to 2 gb (depends on available virtual memory, in “disk image” mode also larger files can be edited sector/blockwise)
  • native 32 bit windows application, mdi
  • ascii, ansi, ebcdic (codepage 38), macintosh and custom character conversion
  • unicode (ucs-2) support (character display, search and replace)
  • scripting engine (tiny hexer script language) including macro recording
  • plugin interface to enhance tiny hexer and tiny hexer script functionality with your own delphi plugins
  • insert and delete half bytes
  • insert, overwrite and readonly modes
  • and more…