IDTitleC/C (附分析)備註
1001A B Format (20)檢視題解字串處理
1002A B for Polynomials (25)檢視題解模擬
1003Emergency (25)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法
1004Counting Leaves (30)檢視題解BFS,DFS,樹的層序遍歷
1005Spell It Right (20)檢視題解字串處理
1006Sign In and Sign Out (25)檢視題解查詢元素
1007Maximum Subsequence Sum(25)檢視題解動態規劃,最大連續子序列和
1008Elevator (20)檢視題解數學問題
1009Product of Polynomials (25)檢視題解模擬
1010Radix (25)檢視題解二分法
1011World Cup Betting (20)檢視題解查詢元素
1012The Best Rank (25)檢視題解排序
1013Battle Over Cities (25)檢視題解圖的遍歷,統計連通分量的個數,DFS
1014Waiting in Line (30)檢視題解queue的應用
1015Reversible Primes (20)檢視題解素數
1016Phone Bills (25)檢視題解排序
1017Queueing at Bank (25)檢視題解模擬
1018Public Bike Management (30)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法 DFS
1019General Palindromic Number (20)檢視題解迴文數
1020Tree Traversals (25)檢視題解進位制轉換
1021Deepest Root (25)檢視題解圖的遍歷,DFS,計算連通分量的個數
1022Digital Library (30)檢視題解map對映,STL的使用
1023Have Fun with Numbers (20)檢視題解大整數運算
1024Palindromic Number (25)檢視題解大整數相加
1025PAT Ranking (25)檢視題解排序
1026Table Tennis (30)檢視題解模擬,排序
1027Colors in Mars (20)檢視題解進位制轉換
1028List Sorting (25)檢視題解排序
1029Median (25)檢視題解two pointers
1030Travel Plan (30)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法 DFS,最短路徑,邊權
1031Hello World for U (20)檢視題解圖形列印
1032Sharing (25)檢視題解連結串列
1033To Fill or Not to Fill (25)檢視題解貪心演算法
1034Head of a Gang (30)檢視題解圖的遍歷,DFS
1035Password (20)檢視題解字串處理
1036Boys vs Girls (25)檢視題解查詢元素
1037Magic Coupon (25)檢視題解貪心演算法
1038Recover the Smallest Number (30)檢視題解貪心演算法
1039Course List for Student (25)檢視題解不定長陣列vector,STL的使用
1040Longest Symmetric String (25)檢視題解動態規劃
1041Be Unique (20)檢視題解Hash雜湊
1042Shuffling Machine (20)檢視題解模擬
1043Is It a Binary Search Tree (25)檢視題解二叉查詢樹BST
1044Shopping in Mars (25)檢視題解二分查詢
1045Favorite Color Stripe (30)檢視題解動態規劃,LIS / LCS
1046Shortest Distance (20)檢視題解模擬
1047Student List for Course (25)檢視題解不定長陣列vector,STL的使用
1048Find Coins (25)檢視題解Hash雜湊
1049Counting Ones (30)檢視題解數學問題
1050String Subtraction (20)檢視題解Hash雜湊
1051Pop Sequence (25)檢視題解棧模擬
1052Linked List Sorting (25)檢視題解連結串列
1053Path of Equal Weight (30)檢視題解樹的遍歷
1054The Dominant Color (20)檢視題解map對映,STL的使用
1055The World’s Richest (25)檢視題解排序
1056Mice and Rice (25)檢視題解queue的用法
1057Stack (30)檢視題解樹狀陣列
1058A B in Hogwarts (20)檢視題解進位制轉換
1059Prime Factors (25)檢視題解素數表的建立
1060Are They Equal (25)檢視題解科學計數法
1061Dating (20)檢視題解字串處理
1062Talent and Virtue (25)檢視題解排序
1063Set Similarity (25)檢視題解集合set,STL的使用
1064Complete Binary Search Tree (30)檢視題解二叉查詢樹BST
1065A B and C (64bit) (20)檢視題解模擬
1066Root of AVL Tree (25)檢視題解平衡二叉樹(AVL樹)
1067Sort with Swap(0,*) (25)檢視題解貪心演算法
1068Find More Coins (30)檢視題解01揹包,動態規劃
1069The Black Hole of Numbers (20)檢視題解數學問題
1070Mooncake (25)檢視題解貪心演算法
1071Speech Patterns (25)檢視題解map對映,STL的使用
1072Gas Station (30)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法
1073Scientific Notation (20)檢視題解字串處理
1074Reversing Linked List (25)檢視題解連結串列
1075PAT Judge (25)檢視題解排序
1076Forwards on Weibo (30)檢視題解圖的遍歷,BFS
1077Kuchiguse (20)檢視題解字串處理
1078Hashing (25)檢視題解二次方探查法
1079Total Sales of Supply Chain (25)檢視題解DFS,BFS,樹的遍歷
1080Graduate Admission (30)檢視題解排序
1081Rational Sum (20)檢視題解分數的四則運算
1082Read Number in Chinese (25)檢視題解字串處理
1083List Grades (25)檢視題解排序
1084Broken Keyboard (20)檢視題解Hash雜湊
1085Perfect Sequence (25)檢視題解二分,two pointers
1086Tree Traversals Again (25)檢視題解樹的遍歷
1087All Roads Lead to Rome (30)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法 DFS,最短路徑
1088Rational Arithmetic (20)檢視題解分數的四則運算
1089Insert or Merge (25)檢視題解two pointers
1090Highest Price in Supply Chain (25)檢視題解樹的遍歷
1091Acute Stroke (30)檢視題解廣度優先搜尋BFS
1092To Buy or Not to Buy (20)檢視題解Hash雜湊
1093Count PAT’s (25)檢視題解邏輯題
1094The Largest Generation (25)檢視題解BFS,DFS,樹的遍歷
1095Cars on Campus (30)檢視題解map的用法,排序
1096Consecutive Factors (20)檢視題解邏輯題
1097Deduplication on a Linked List (25)檢視題解連結串列
1098Insertion or Heap Sort (25)檢視題解heap sort(堆排序)
1099Build A Binary Search Tree (30)檢視題解二叉查詢樹BST
1100Mars Numbers (20)檢視題解map對映,STL的使用
1101Quick Sort (25)檢視題解快速排序
1102Invert a Binary Tree (25)檢視題解樹的遍歷
1103Integer Factorization (30)檢視題解深度優先搜尋DFS
1104Sum of Number Segments (20)檢視題解數學問題
1105Spiral Matrix (25)檢視題解模擬
1106Lowest Price in Supply Chain (25)檢視題解DFS,BFS,樹的遍歷
1107Social Clusters (30)檢視題解並查集
1108Finding Average (20)檢視題解字串處理
1109Group Photo (25)檢視題解邏輯題
1110Complete Binary Tree (25)檢視題解完全二叉樹
1111Online Map (30)檢視題解Dijkstra演算法 DFS
1112Stucked Keyboard (20)檢視題解map對映,STL的使用
1113Integer Set Partition (25)檢視題解排序
1114Family Property (25)檢視題解並查集
1115Counting Nodes in a BST (30)檢視題解二叉樹的遍歷,DFS
1116Come on! Let’s C (20)檢視題解簡單邏輯題
1117Eddington Number(25)檢視題解簡單邏輯題
1118Birds in Forest (25)檢視題解並查集
1119Pre- and Post-order Traversals (30)檢視題解前序後序轉中序
1120Friend Numbers (20)檢視題解set的應用
1121Damn Single (25)檢視題解set的應用
1122Hamiltonian Cycle (25)檢視題解圖論
1123Is It a Complete AVL Tree (30)檢視題解AVL樹
1124Raffle for Weibo Followers (20)檢視題解map對映
1125Chain the Ropes (25)檢視題解排序,貪心
1126Eulerian Path (25)檢視題解連通圖
1127ZigZagging on a Tree (30)檢視題解中序後序建樹,層序遍歷
1128N Queens Puzzle (20)檢視題解邏輯題
1129Recommendation System (25)檢視題解set的應用,運算子過載
1130Infix Expression (25)檢視題解dfs深度優先搜尋
1131Subway Map (30)檢視題解dfs深度優先搜尋
1132Cut Integer (20)檢視題解數學問題
1133Splitting A Linked List (25)檢視題解連結串列
1134Vertex Cover (25)檢視題解hash雜湊
1135Is It A Red-Black Tree (30)檢視題解紅黑樹
1136A Delayed Palindrome (20)檢視題解簡單題
1137Final Grading (25)檢視題解map對映,排序
1138Postorder Traversal (25)檢視題解樹的遍歷,前序中序轉後序
1139First Contact (30)檢視題解模擬
1140Look-and-say Sequence (20)檢視題解字串處理
1141PAT Ranking of Institutions (25)檢視題解排序,map STL
1142Maximal Clique (25)檢視題解圖論,無向完全圖
1143Lowest Common Ancestor (30)檢視題解水題
1144The Missing Number (20)檢視題解STL,map
1145Hashing – Average Search Time (25)檢視題解雜湊對映,雜湊表,平方探測法
1146Topological Order (25)檢視題解拓撲排序
1147Heaps (30)檢視題解堆,樹的遍歷